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22 June 2021

In March 2020, the first excavators pulled up on the approximately 10,000 sqm site; a lot has happened since then.

While the deconstruction and the archaeological excavations have been completed, the construction site has been bustling with activity and two large construction cranes have been towering into the sky. 13’000 m3 of soil have been excavated so far, leaving a huge construction pit where the new residential buildings will once stand. Soon the first walls will be raised and the “Haselrain” housing development will slowly take shape. The work can be followed through various peepholes in the construction site wall. Go get your sneak peek!

02 July 2020


The Archaeological Soil Research Agency Basel-Stadt has been carrying out a rescue excavation on the 10,000 sqm Haselrain property since April 2020; the work is expected to be completed in autumn 2020.

The rescue excavation takes place because the Archaeological Soil Research Agency Basel-Stadt unexpectedly came across the remains of a previously unknown settlement from the Bronze Age (approx. 1300 BC) on the neighbouring parcel in 2018 . Further findings of remnants from the Bronze Age settlement are expected on this area. This provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the life of the people who settled on the area some 3,300 years ago. The place was chosen deliberately; On the low terrace above the meadow, the settlers would be protected from the flood of the meadow; At the same time, the river would also be accessible as a transport route. The site is of national importance, as only a few sites from the transition from the Middle Bronze to the Late Bronze Age are known throughout Switzerland. Find out more about this rescue excavation at

Source: Archaeological Soil Research Agency Basel-Stadt.

01 March 2020


The dismantling of the former school building began in the beginning of March 2020. The first excavators are on site.

The Haselrain residential quarter consisting of two block and four point buildings with around 101, 2.5- to 5.5-room rental flats will be standing here by autumn 2022.  The are will contain a park-like environment with generous open spaces. All buildings can be accessed directly through the garage.